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While Norrasjo is one of the younger Arlings in Theydim, the region had long been valued for its harbors and access to the seas.

About a century ago, the ArleStormwatch'sAdoptiveFamilyNameHere began spreading their influence, breaking off from Felkhath Arling and eventually pulling away parts of Vetheriss Arling. The family's influence and Arling eventually reaching over the eastern foothills of the Lognefjalls.

Zimaskog eventually broke off from Norrasjo Arling to support themselves after several winters closed the passes.

Weather Disasters

Port Frostfind is a shining beacon of an example of Thydian stubborness to rebuilt and survive, having been hit with ice floes, tides, and one memorable incident with the exploding rotting corpse of a whale trapped under the harbor.

Why would anyone want to live here after all of these disasters? I'd be moving out after the first one!
— WriterGregQuoteOnPortFrostfind


Norrasjo Arling is mostly a coastal region, leading to a thriving fishing and harbor industry. Whale Oil is a major export, along the other parts of a whale.

The eastern side of Norrasjo has a modest timber industry from the western Lognefjalls' forests.

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