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Region west of the World Spine Mountains on the otherside of Feroia's border.

There are eighteen Arling in Theydim. Ostufer, K, L, Zimaskog, Alleklint, Stendal, Ertsklif, Norrasjo, Horfadal, Flachsteengroeve, Enjorde, Felkhath, Vetheriss, Capital, Feroia, and ... Atemkyst? No, that's seventeen. Which one is missing?
Tilde Magnusdotr, age seven


My Arling may not seem to offer much, but we stay out of the way of the larger Westerner politics, pay tithes, and the mountain passes are kept clear.

Fjellstrand is mostly mountain and shoreline, meaning the region is hit with storms on a regular basis. Most who live in the Arling make their living herding goats. Some have been breeding goats to be riding mounts.


Fjellstrand has some who would be considered "Adventurers" looking to explore the ancient ruins, though they have reported these ruins as being a mix of Adrakian and some kind of pre-Tormian structures.

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