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Has a mix of Tormian, Thydian, and Adrakian ruins.


Thydian Unification Wars Refused to sign the treaty, and was part of the Contested Lands. The Great War Was warred over and then annexed into Theydim, though refused to be absorbed into another Arling. Many in Enjorde remember being fully independent, and there is a general resentment towards the annexation. Thydian Civil War With growing resentment towards the idea of a High King, many Enjorde have decied Unification was the best thing for Theydim, but not a High King, leading towards supporting the Uncrowned movement. They've been encroaching upon their neighbors in Jordelv by taking advantage of Jordelv's general discontent with their own Feroian neighbors being neglected by their Arle.


Mines and fields, primary New Old Road from the Contested Lands into Theydim.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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