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Uncrowned, Thydian

Theydim is Warring from Within

Something something council, something something, the future and peace for Theydim

The Uncrowned believe Theydim does not need a High King and would be better ruled by a council of Arles instead.



Banner is a three concentric circles representing the three moons of Corive, a mountain on the left and blue on the right to represent to mountains and coast of Theydim. Within the centermost circle is InsertNameOfShapeHere where each one represents an Arling who has supported the Uncrowned Cause. The current goal of the Uncrowned is for every Arling to be represented by a InsertNameofShapeHere.


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Core Members

  • Norrasjo

    • Not the founding Arling, but Arle Sten Stormwatch has become the "reasonable voice" people listen to.

    • Theydim Intelligence Organization

      • Spies, need a better name

    • Norrasjo Navy

      • something something ships, something something nickname for Norrasjo military

  • Enjorde

    • While the founding Arling, Enjorde's petition for a ruling Council of Arles stemmed from discontent coming through Jordelv from Feroia having economic issues. Magnusdotr had resolved Feroia's economic troubles, but the southern Feroians' discontent has spread into Jordelv, and from Jordelv into Enjorde.

      Enjorde gained more support from Norrasjo's Arle, though communications were difficult when the Alring between them - Felkhath and Flachsteengroeve, were refusing to take a side or was leaning towards joining the Capitolists.

    No Arling should have to depend on only one person to "save" them. If they must look to another Arle, then perhaps they should look to all of the Arles when theirs fails.
    Arle of Enjorde
  • Flachsteengroeve

    • Former member of the Capitolist faction, there has been some speculation the Arling left on ill terms and may turn towards the Independents.

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Former Members


  • Arling


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History of the Civil War

High King Magnus the Red-Eyed died (murdered or naturally depending on if one listens to rumors). LORE Word of the High King's death was accompanied by Kerlbror's forces to ensure it spread across Theydim.

LORE the Thydian Civil War began.


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    8.31-12.32 3A
    33-34 3A
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    1.36-10.36 3A
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Under the terms of the Treaty, Magnusdotr, Kerlbror, or the Uncrowned must have the allegiance of most/all Arles in Theydim by the end of the second cycle after the previous High King's death, or Theydim will dissolve into independent Arlings.


Diplomacy Webs


Factions in the War

Atemkyst and Fjellstrand are staying out of the civil war to the best of their abilities. Leaders:
*The Uncrowned do not have a specified leader and operate as a council, though Stormwatch is known as one of the better speakers on the matter
** Felkhath has been staying out of the war until Capitolist and Ostufer forces besieged the capital city
*** The Independents do not have a leader of they rally around, as they generally believe in not someone to unify under


Internal Relations



Overall Thydian web of alliances and war

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