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Our Arling is home to the rightful High King - Magnus made his dying wishes known to the Arle! Harhofn is the new capital of Theydim!
And the point where the The North Sea and Soplan - Osiaric - Name Sea meet against Soplas sits the harbor city of Harhofn.

The People and History

Where most of eastern Theydim struggles economically, the city is one of the few points of success. There is traffic from Oshrar crossing the sea, as well as all traffic following the Soplas shore north to go west.

Recent History

A group disguised as merchants came into the city and burned the harbor and market districts. This event has led to an increase of security at entrances and searches through the Trader Caravans arriving. The locals generally avoid trraveling merchants and some incidents have called for City Guards to escort them through town - both for the local's peace of mind, but also the protection of the merchants.

I do not want another morning starting with a Merchant who had gone missing a week ago showing up bloated and floating in the harbor with half a leg missing - chewed on. Order at least two guards to escort merchants whenever they leave their wagons or the inns and taverns.

- Note from Siegmund Kerlbror
The market and harbors were burned on a rare night where the winds and rains had given pause. When the flames were finally drowned, the docks had to be rebuilt from the oils built up from decades of fishers, whalers, and ship-repairers applying their crafts in vicinity.   The city took three years to recover - one to rebuild and two to recoup economic losses. The people, have yet to recover still.   The arsonists were captured as they celebrated and toasted victory to Alleklint Arling.

City Defenses

False merchants aside, the city is well defended by its location at the cliffs of the coast. The walls are made of stone and the city is built semi-vertically in regards to the socio-economic status of who lives where.

Trade and Industry

Most of the industry Horhafn provides is from its harbors. The rest of the Ostufer Arling is rough terrain and ill suited for farming crops or grazing animals.


The city provides a safe harbor from the northern storms and waves for visiting ships. Locals are generally fishing folk with some whalers, though the whaling seems to be more in the waters north of Zimaskog and Norrasjo arlings than Ostufer.


Most of the city is built with wood and stone. The older structures are stone-reinforced if not entirely made of stone.


The winds are cold and harsh, but when it clears, the seas look to never end. The land is scarred and withered, like the aftermath of an ancient battlefield where Giants once fought and killed the land - but live moves on and insists on living where sense would give up.
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Ostufer City
Roughly 15,000
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