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"Just join our side - my people need your help when we're being pushed into the mountains!"

"I cannot openly aid you."

"Then the blood of my people, your own people's kin, is on your hands, Stormwatch."

- communications between Arle of Zimaskog and Arle Sten Stormwatch as Norrasjo and Zimaskog fall out




Breaking from Norrasjo

Due to the difficulties of the Lognefjalls slowing the speed of governance and defense, the people split amicably from Norrasjo and founded their own Arling.

By agreeing to this division, you and we are no longer the same people, and you are agreeing to stand on your own.
Thydian Unification Wars

During the Unification of Theydim, Zimaskog agreed to follow High King Magnus the Red-Eyed in his conquest of Theydim.

Thydian Civil War

Zimaskog has been fairing poorly during the Civil War as members of Ostufer's faction had been warring over the eastern sides. While not an exceedingly wealthy Arling, Zimaskog has mines and timber from the Lognefjalls and towns near where the whales migrate, similar to their western neighbors in Norrasjo.

Said western neighbors have refused to side with Zimaskog's allies within the Capitolist faction of the civil war

Most of the conflict over Zimaskog appears to be attempts to grab land for Arlings to hold onto and claim tithes from.

I hear your pain, but I do not believe a High King is what we need for the future of Theydim. I will, however, grant you permission to travel through the Arling to the Capitolists and if you choose, to resettle in Norrasjo.
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Minor needs Capitolist because Minor is otherwise isolated

Zimaskog is dependent on Capital being able to send Capitolist forces through the North Sea

H have been pressuring C to leave Capitolist


Minor is concerned about being conquered by East Theydim Faction , North Sea is determined to not be involved in the war

F has been pressuring C to leave Capitolist

Opposing Factions. At War.


Opposing Factions. At War.


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Such a nice territory article.

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I'm really glad you like the quote, I wanted something that was dramatic and painted the idea that the two have been close but also divided.

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