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There isn't much different from Jordelv and Flachsteengroeve, Ertsklif, or Feroia. We have the New Old Road which pulled merchant caravans through our Arling. And then that Half-Orc and her warband came through and built the Daggermark Bridge to reopen the Old Road. The Arling's economy took a hit, but the Thydian Merchant Guild might help with that, if Magnusdotr becomes High King




Thydian Unification Wars

Jordelv was not originally an arling who was a part of the Unification Wars, and had refused the Unification of Theydim Treaty's protections. While the Jordelv called themselves Thydian among others, they were part of the Contested Lands until YEARHERE when Theydim annexed their region and made them into an Arling.

The Great War

Jordelv was a battleground region that was annexed by Theydim by the end of the Great War. The people of Jordelv are mostly old enough to remember not bowing their heads to a High King, and turn to their Arle to guide them towards how to benefit their region.

Unfortunately, the region was a valued merchant route for Tormian merchants until the Daggermark Bridge was built in Feroia. It is still a viable route for merchants crossing the Contested Lands from Goltheris and merchants from the Five Cities crossing southern Theydim. Thydian Civil War Flachsteengroeve takes land from JordelvJordelv Starts to Lose Land Near the East Flachsteengroeve BorderJordelv Joins Capitolists
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Minor is concerned about Capitolists abandoning them.

Minor needs Feroia's support, and Feroia is grudgingly providing because they are concerned about having a war torn border

B is Capitolist, Felkhath is under siege

D is a former Capitolist, B is concerned

G have been pressuring B to leave Capitolist


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