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Arle of Jordelv


Physical Description

Facial Features

Has taken to growing out their hair and having it tied back with a cage of braids.

Apparel & Accessories

The Arle generally prefers to wear the mix-cultured fashions of the Contested Lands instead of the Thydian styles of wool, PLANTBASEDFABRIC, and furs, making them look like a mix of Thydian, Tormian, and Goltherine cultures. It's been noted SURNAME usually does so when visiting or being visited by people who were signatories of Unification Treaty.


Early Life

I remember when the Arling of Jordelv stood independently from Theydim. In the Great War, I saw my uncle lying in a pool of his own blood, and the man calling himself the High King who defeated him pointed a sword at me and told me to kneel and become Arle as my uncle's heir, or die and someone else would become Arle - or our home would go to another's care.
I knelt, as a squire of fourteen years. I was Arle within days without everything my uncle was hoping to teach me.


As SURNAME was the heir of the Arle, they were raised and trained to the position.

At the time, Jordelv was an independent Arling and part of the loosely defined region called the Contested Lands, so SURNAME was also trained to be a military leader.

My uncle was concerned after the Unification Wars - he was always warning me as a child that the Thydian High King would one day come for our home, and if we lost, we'd be picked over and torn apart by others who know nothing about us.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While a controversial move within Jordelv, many advisors to the Arle have agreed to joining the Capitolist faction in the civil war, though it is generally understood the Arle is only interested in defending the Arling.

Failures & Embarrassments

"Do not doubt my loyalty, but I grow concerned for my people. The more we hear of Turlan's shortcomings towards our neighboring Feroians the more my own hall fills with discontent. Rein in your uncle, or find someone who will."

- Letter from the Arle of Jordelv to Magnusdotr

There has been a rise in discontent in Jordelv, and most comes from news from southeast Feroia, where Jordelv receives trade.

Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics


Jordelv is mine to protect, and I will.


SURNAME takes pride in being Jordelv, and, like many of their citizens, dislikes being refered as "Thydian" while under the reign of a High King who forced them into the nation.

Personality Characteristics


SURNAME is known to be generally rutheless when defending their Arle and their people, though very little actual patriotism toward Theydim as a nation.


The Arle is known in the region to take the concerns of the population seriously, though not with the same grace as Arle Great-Cook of @Felkhath.


There are concerns the Arle could be manipulated by fears or threats towards the Arling.

Currently Held Titles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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Jan 3, 2021 00:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

'I knelt, as a squire of fourteen years. I was Arle within days without everything my uncle was hoping to teach me.' This bit is really powerful.   I can see why they would become really protective of their homeland after that.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 3, 2021 04:16 by Lyraine Alei

Oof! I missed stating he was a squire with fourteen years of age, and because it was a WorldEmber article, I can;t fax that. XD I hope that was what you inferred at least, and I'm glad it was a powerful bit of writing for you to read.
Theydim has several Arlings ruled by relatively young Arles.

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