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Flachsteengroeve Arling

Flachsteengroeve Arling is a region that has been predominantly agricultural and historically carved out with stone quarries.



Quarries of MATERIALHERE carved out during the Adrakian Empire's era's walls have been carved into statues of dragons, presumed to have been idols of the Adrakian Pantheon. The quarries are still used to the current day, though new paths have carved out and followers of Saint Antral have vandalized the large quarry statues.

Y'need stone? Between us and Enjorde, there's quite a lot of stone to carve out and use.
— Mining Foreman


The quarries are known ruins of the Adrakian empire and while they're still in use today, there are old routes that have collapsed or abandoned. Some miners have sworn they've seen dead spirits hold victims back during a collapse.

It doesn't feel right to go further in this direction. Sometimes I swear I feel the eyes of the crushed slaves watching me, waiting to reach out and have me join them in their pain and misery.
— Miner
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