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While Port Frostfind is the capital city of Norrasjo and the largest port city along the North Coast of Theydim, TOWNNAME is a contender as stop along the way to Atemkyst Arling or Fjellstrand Arling for sailors from Eastern Theydim.   The city has pleasure houses, taverns, gambling dens, places dedicated to just cooking meals, and sleeping halls for the tired traveler who wants solid ground under their sleeping body. Many reason the sailors come to the TOWN instead of Frostfind or similar because those cities are also places of business.  
"There is such a thing as knowing your fellow people too well. I never want to know my clients or my employees that well."
  The locals tend to stay away from that part of TOWN unless they are involved with those businesses, preferring to go to the businesses on the edges of TOWN to perform the same tasks - even when the places are owned by the same people. This has a slight division between locals and the sailors where the coin and goods are welcome, but the sailors will often find themselves with significantly lighter pockets than they came with should they bring their worst behavior - and without the reward of even half the pleasure.   Technically, the town sells everything - alcohol too strong to report to work in the morning, sex, pleasant conversation, a seat at a table of cards. But bring your coin and your best behavior - the dealers and locals know how to part one from their coins with the skill to make the coin holder think they were winning with an empty bag.
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