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Gillty Halibutt

We aren't just a house serving the base and fleshly pleasures - many of our customers are lonely and haven't seen a new face in months. We provide companionship and a quiet place to soothe one's joints.
— Lady of the Gillty Halibutt

Long-term sailing ventures, such as Whaling, fishing, or crabbing, can be lonely ventures. With the aid of magic these can take longer as keeping the product fresh is easier, making ventures longer.


Hospitality, Spa
Parent Location


The Gillty Halibutt has an aqueduct that feeds from springs in the Lognefjalls Mountains and passes through heat-enchanted pathways into a series of sauna rooms.

Some of these rooms are used as medical recovery rooms - several patrons are referred by the local healers to spend time easing joints and old scars when the weather turns suddenly. Some other patrons come in for muscle-soothing massages.

Pleasant Company

Neighboring the Fish'n'Whales means there is someone on hand to remove unwelcome guests, and the people who live and work in the Gillty Halibutt have their own individual rules for their interactions.

General rules are based around the safety of employees and guests, though if a visitor has been recorded as breaking the personal rules of three employees, then they are banned from the building.

My rules are simple - we don't touch. My visitors understand this rule, and it's fine for both of us. We sit and talk about whatever my visitor wants to talk about. I've had visitors who came to me because there wouldn't be an expectation of touching and they wanted someplace where they can get some sleep and maintain some pride, or get advice from a perspective they don't have. Next door? She basically teaches her visitors about some of what others enjoy.
The Halibutt caters many visitors.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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