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Norrasjo Arling

The North Sea to the north is often a source of storms, leading to the people of the Norrasjo Arling's coastal towns and city to carry names along the lines of storm-themes for their occupation.
The Stormwatch Family are well named, Arle Stormwatch. Should have named the whole Arling 'Storms and Beaches' because there's nothing to look at here. Storms, rocky beaches, fish, whales, and ice.


Natural Resources

Norrasjo is mostly shore-based region, and nearly all of its resources come from the North Sea. Salt, fish, Whale Oil and other whale products. There are parts of the region more protected from storms and rain enough famers have etched a living enough to support themselves and their neighbors.


While the Arling of Norrasjo is one of the younger Arlings, the region had been valued for its harbors and access to the seas. About a hundred years ago, the ArleStormwatch'sAdoptiveFamilyNameHere began spreading their influence, breaking off from Felkhath Arling and eventually pulling away parts of Vetheriss Arling until reaching into the Lognefjalls .

Zimaskog eventually broke off from Norrasjo Arling to support themselves.

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