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Drowner's Wood


This article describes an event surrounding an entity who drowns victims. There are no specific details, but should the topic discomfort you, please return to the page before or to the Corive homepage.

  Woodland region with a dried pond. Outside the woods are the graves of men, women, and children who had been killed within the woods.   Folklore warns all to stay indoors after dark until dawn breaks again and to ignore the lure of the fiddler's night song, or else whoever leaves their home will be found several days later, drowned in the dried pond.  


The pond was once the home of a Nøkk, once who had been on good terms with most who lived nearby so long as they were polite and would not touch him, nor taint the woods and pond.   When the ravines ripped across, things seemed fine, until visitors noticed the Nøkken's pond dwindling size and his worsening condition. As the pond dried, the visitors also dwindled, leaving him to finally die alone.   At some point, the Nøkken had seemingly returned from the dead, infuriated by the state of the woods and his pond, so he lures the unwary to his location. One of the few who escaped reported him demanding his pond be restored by the ones who killed it and him. Upon failure, the victims would begin to drown while remaining entirely dry.   The unlucky who have been found in the daytime had been found lying dead in the pond. The Order of Speared Light had been sent out several times in their history and as of yet been unable to exorcise the area of its angry inhabitant, leading to rumors of the Order being less than ideal for task to grow.
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