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The Order of Speared Light is a relic and useless. They've yet to clear Drowner's Wood of the Ghost Nøkk and they claim to slay monsterous fiends as well as dragons. The dragons are gone - I lost my son, so they were useless!
— Grieving mother



Alleklint was once considered to be a land as prized as Felkhath until several battles between Adrakians and Saint Antral resulted in ravines ripping across the landscape.

These ravines, however, killed off several rivers and lakes, drying out the region and leaving as another place where stone is pulled in search for some hidden treasure.


Thydian Unification Wars

Alleklint was a conquered Arling during the Wars.

Thydian Civil WarSortEventsLater

Alleklint joins Ostufer's Faction Stendal and Ertsklif Take Land From Alleklint Alleklint's Routes to Felkhath Are Blockaded Alleklint and K battles Stendal annexes parts of Alleklint Alleklint starts Independents Alleklint is Ejected from Ostufer's Faction Alleklint annexation of West L

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