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Pond Musician


This article describes an entity who drowns victims. The details are not graphic, but if the topic makes you uncomfortable, please return to the page you were previously on, or to the main page.

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Scandinavian folklore figure - a fiddler who lures the unwary (usually women and children) with his tune into whatever body of freshwater he dwells in before drowning them.   One Nøkk, many Nøkken.   The ones of Soplas are more inclined to wait until he is offended before trying to drown victims and would much prefer to have an enraptured audience to adore his playing. Touch him or his water lillies, however, and he may take offense or shift form into a water-horse to dive unreasonably deep for his home body of water.   Nøkken are an all-male species, though there has been no record of a newborn Nokk, so the general belief is a Nøkk is born when a body of freshwater is created.
Stay inside tonight - if you leave, you won't be found alive.
Alleklint woman, warning against the Nøkk of Drowner's Wood
A Nøkk will live for as long as his body of water lives.   It is believed Nøkken can grow fond of individuals - at least one story tells of a Maiden rescued by a Nokk though most of those stories are bitter-sweet as some claim the girl was married to the Nøkken and together they play music, others where he tried to protect her from the flames and she drowned because he didn't realize she couldn't breathe, and a few where she was "sold" to him with varying end results.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
For as long as his body of water exists, so does he.
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