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Alleklint Arling


According to ruins found, Alleklint Arling used to be a region more akin to Felkhath, and the presence of multiple ravines suggests it was a battleground region at the end of the Adrakian Empire's rule.




Alleklint is home to many ravines

Dried Riverbeds

Due to ravines scarring the land, there are dried river and lakebeds.

Drowner's Wood

Woodland region with a dried pond. Outside the woods are the graves of men, women, and children who had been killed within the woods.

Folklore warns all to stay indoors after dark until dawn breaks again and to ignore the lure of the fiddler's night song, or else whoever leaves their home will be found several days later, drowned in the dried pond.

The pond was once the home of a Nøkken who has, since the end of the Adrakian Empire, died and returned. The Order of Speared Light has tried and failed several times to exorcise or pacify the woods of the angry being.

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