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Jails, Thydian

Jail is a place of rehabilitation when no other exist.
  Most jails are a couple of cells, and are typically inhabited by someone who was too unruly while drunk, or people who had been fighting without a just cause. Sometimes, thieves and smugglers spend some time in the jails, but most of Theydim use their jails as a place to cool down and contemplate what had happened. Punishment in Theydim tends to be based on equivalent value, circumstances, and the severity of the crime.   Theft is a rarer crime when most people trade in direct goods or promises of labor - Buy a milking cow, and the seller gains butter for a year, a promise to help rebuild the barn they had just lost to a fire, and the rest in coin. But when a thief is caught and sent to jail, they generally must work off the value of what they stole in some way, shape or form - though someone who forces a person to have no other choice but to steal is given a harder punishment.   Several guardspeople had spent time in jails themselves, usually for mild infraction of proper social protocol.   A famous "Marmalade merchant" was one Thei of Pronathea who was arrested for smuggling Faceless Fae Masks into Theydim as a tourist item. It is uncertain how many successful smuggling runs Thei had made, though it is suspected that the merchant was extremely wealthy from his side dealings. Thei was released on bail and a two year ban from Felkhath City and has not been arrested for violating his ban.
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