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A large town growing at the borders of Theydim and the Kingdom of Tormyra at the restoration of an Old Road head south to Tormyra due to a bridge being built to cross the Daggermark Ravine where the Old Road once would have gone.


65% Humans
20% Elves
5% Dwarves
8% are Halflings, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves combined
2% Gnomes, Tabaxi.
Two (2) Warforged, total.


The locals use a barter system amongst themselves, but outsiders must use gold or goods for trade.
Taxes are collected more to prepare for poorer seasons, usually collecting things of value or coin for if harvests go bad and they need to buy food from elsewhere.
The Feroian Province requires a yearly tithe form of tax, which has been coming in the form of beef, grains, and lumber.
Ever since the Daggermark Ravine was bridged, trade routes along Old Road have been put back into use, allowing for the town to grow in size.
When the town came under the protection of Ferish the Half-Orc, the people had met her and thought she was a simple brute until she arranged for the town to be protected by those who would serve in her warband. These warband soldiers work in their off hours in the town as farm hands, assistants, heavy lifters, and loggers alongside the locals, making them more welcome additions to the community, even if they live at the camp.


A standing military from a warband has a camp that has been used as the logging camp as well. The two Warforged in town operate as their original purpose - assistance for law enforcement, and there are low barricading walls around the main town that looks more like walls used in cities to border-off properties.

Industry & Trade

Merchanting is useful as a newly restored border town with the construction of the Daggermark Bridge by the Warband of the Half-Orc under Ferish the Half-Orc as she felt there was no reason for the ravine to be uncrossed with the goblin threat wiped out thirty years ago.
The main export for Oakenfield is lumber, and now with the bridge bringing the Old Road back in use (renamed the Orc Road by some who speak under their breath), merchants from Tormyra now have a more direct route into Theydim instead of [middle of Theydim town name here].


Oakenfield was once a town formed by a south-and-east division in the road from the north, but after the Dragon Wars, the road south was blocked, leaving only the road from north to east intact. The town sits over an aquifer that feeds to Lake Feris, and so the land is excellent for farming as well as the forest offering plentiful opportunity for hunting, logging, mills and similar.


There is a blacksmith, an herbalist, an inn and tavern, a general store, and an open market area.
The town does not flaunt much wealth, though it does have wood carvings of value.

Guilds and Factions

Merchants and the farmers amd the loggers.
In Oakenfield, there is a general agreement that the three main sources of income and survival help each other, or else they all fall apart. The loggers clear out the woods for the farmers and provide wood for the merchants to use in their own trades. The farmers grow and provide most of the food found in the town, feeding the people. The merchants (shop keepers, traders, blacksmiths, etc) are the ones who sell things and bring in business from outside of town.


Oakenfield was not always the size it is now. The last time it was this size was before Soplas was scarred at the end of the First Era. Oakenfield was part of the Old Road major trade route into Tormyra, but Daggermark Ravine broke the road and dropped the citadel nearby into the depths.
From the citadel, occupied by Goblins, an apple would be brought up. The apple was of magic, able to cure all ailments. There were rumors of an apple capable of being the ultimate poison, incurable at all. In attempts to grow their own curing apples, the people of Oakenfield had taken to planting the seeds, only for the saplings to be stolen away, presumably by the goblins wanting to maintain a monopoly.
The town shrank in size, but survived until thirty years ago, a band of adventurers came into town. The General Store Owner, Kerowyn had gone to Feroian Keep to seek help in rescuing her two children from their foolish attempt at joining the adventurers who had gone into the citadel with another party.
Only this small party accepted, the two dwarves seeking to make the citadel their new home, a half-elf who sought adventure and some glory, and a half orc who saw those in power refuse to help a simple request.
The children were returned, unfortunately they had perished before the party found them, with a tale of an evil druid who used the dead as his puppets. The Dwarves made their home in the citadel, the Half-Elf returned to the Keep, and the Half-Orc went on adventuring until she returned to place regions under her control as the nobility had failed the locals.
She ordered the bridge to be rebuilt.


The town is mostly built in log-cabin style, though the newer parts are actually a hybrid of old cabin and new lumber, as the town had been shrinking since the Old Road was interrupted by the Daggermark Ravine at the end of the First Age until it was only a small logging and farming town.
The rebuilding is very recent, and it appears to be less well built, and more built to house the sudden increase of new inhabitants. The houses outside of the wooden wall seem to be damaged.


On the eastern side, the town favors farmland the closed to the Lake one goes. The western side of the town is more logging based, as the oak forest gives the town its name.

Natural Resources

The nearby forest provides a lumber yard campsite, while the workers try to plant and care for saplings near the stumps of the trees they had cut down.
The lake to the north-east provides for fertile farming land for growing crops.
1200, roughly, population has been growing.
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