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"I spy with my little eye ... something ... tall!"
"Is it a tree?"
"Aww, you're good at this! Your turn!"
— Children in Oakenfield

Feroia as a region is mostly mountains and trees. Logging is a major industry, though the deep mountain woods are rumored to be the walking paths of the Skeleton-Trees and their Wood Maiden guides.

There are also mines.


Near Feroian Keep, there is Lake Feriss, the largest lake in Feroia. In the Feroian WoodsForestsTHING, there are a few smaller lakes, and several rivers.


Daggermark Ravine is one of the largest of the unnaturally created rifts and ravines in Feroia, though there a others of larger size, such as Capital's Throat Scar.

At least one such ravine has killed off towns by breaking the bodies of water and diverted their paths and left dry riverbeds, though these towns are ancient, dating back to the Adrakian Empire.


Within the woods, where the Skeleton-Trees may walk, there are ruins of varying dates based on relics recovered by those brave enough to venture through. Most of the ruins are believed to date to the Empire's days, and some are at least as old, but of a different style.

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