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Capital Arling

Estopti City and Oestopti City, the birthplaces of Empires and Kings. When the time comes, I will be High King, and these mountains will carry on the tradition of birthing High Kings.
Tilde Magnusdotr, age 15


Spans the northern half of Theydim's side of the World Spine Mountains and has grown and shrank over the centuries and ages.

The Eyes of the World rule the skyline of Capital, and in history, claims have been made the Adrakian Empire's rulers were able to survey Soplas from the Eyes to the far southern shores of Goltheris

Natural Resources

Capital has mines of materials - iron, copper, in some places silver.

While Feroia has the stronger timber industry, Capital tends to trade in timber with its fellow northern neighbors.

Goat herding in the mountains, though the herds are generally watched closely.


Old Arling, possibly the oldest, has the capital cities of the Adrakian Empire within as its own capital cities.

An adventurer could find themselves wandering the World Spine Mountains and into some ruins.

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