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Skarzvard Forge

As you make your way through the cavern and chip away at the ore, you find yourself in the central chamber. There are scratches on the walls and you swear the wind is whispering to you.

The walls are scratched with characters and letters. At first you see symbols appearing like the runes you've learned, but they do not hold power like the engraved marks you've installed into your armor and weapons. Some are unreadable, but as you walk along, you start finding letters and shapes you recognize before you can start pulling out names.

Valeska, the second series of names and letters felt more instinctively understood. Some of them are names like Ingriss and Skovir.

Mathias, you start recognizing the names as members of your family, or names that have been repeated through generations. You stop at the last names. Edvin. Greta, your father's younger sister. Sana. Katril. Sofiya. The walls are bare.

The center of the room has a forge venting through a hole above, though you can't see all the way to the top.

As you approach the forge, the coals begin to glow, lighting the chamber and warming it. You start to feel uncomfortable in your armor as it warms.

"Haaaaaaahhh, a new child approaches to pass into adulthood." The coals alight before the flames form into the shape of a smiling face. "What materials will you gift me? What skills callused your hands? What talent lurks within your arms? Whose name do I brand into the walls? What do you seek to craft?"
The Skarzvard Forge is an ancient Adrakian ruin - or possibly older. The only known certainty is the Skarzvard Family had been using it as part of a rite of passage from child to adult.
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Skarzvard Caverns

Family traditional site for a coming-of-age ritual, an ancient Adrakian-era created smithy powered by a firey being and guarded by firey lizards eating rust-eating bugs.
Cave Smithy
Currently Owned / Controlled By
The Skarzvard Family

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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