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War Priest Skovir Ingrissen (a.k.a. Skarzvard)

"Skarzvard? He was one of mine."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Skarzvard was one of my priesthood. As Coryduin was. You do know who he was at least?"
"Yes, I know who Coryduin was."
— Kotzuiyrn to Mathias Skarzvard

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Early Life

Skarzvard was born Skovir Ingrissen, the son of a blacksmith, in Oestopti City when the Eyes of the World Capitols ruled the Adrakian Empire under the watchful eyes of the Adrakian Gods Kotzuiyrn, Athtica, and Kaygys.



Kotzuiyrn had two sides of his priesthood, the religious and the military.

Skarzvard was the latter, under the title of War Priest. Skarzvard was stripped of his original name when he was elevated among the higher ranks of Kotzuiyrn's priesthood, and granted the Priest name of Skarzvard.

At some point during Antral's rebellion, Skarzvard had joined sides with her in overthrowing the Adrakian Empire. The exact reasons for the change in allegiance has not been recorded, and after his initial shift in allegiance, he seems to have fallen out of historical record.

Joining Antral

In the Adrakian Empire, the use of Life-Forging was rendered forbidden, and recognition of the Life-Forging Runes was taught after the ban to prevent individuals from having their souls transfered by force into items or construct. Skarzvard knew how to write the runes because the process was very similar to the techniques of his mother and her family.  

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Coryduin was always manipulating others, and now he sought to manipulate a god. If the cunning snake were manipulating the Unfettered Gear, or the Jealous, he'd almost not care. But to manipulate the Razing who would sweep from the skies and burn the Empire free of enemies? He wanted to snarl at the other man's hubris.
He looked to his hands and prayed for the forgiveness he knew he'd not be granted. There were laws he had to break, before Coryduin drove the Empire into ruins. He knew the signs to engrave, they'd been passed down from his mother to him, as he passed them down to his children in turn, but he had learned them as signs to avoid being near.
The greatsword was a simple one, unlike his enchanted longsword, the one Coryduin had forced out of his hands and now rested at the feet of the statue.
He lifted his humble weapon, his first weapon made when he was a child. This weapon's crafting first drew the eyes of Kotzuiyrn to him as a youth. This weapon's alteration, the runes he had engraved, would undoubtedly draw his god's wrath now.
"You're a fool, Skarzvard. You cannot see what is before you."
He looked up again and held the blade out. "I do not need sight when I have faith in our god's vision. Faith you clearly do not share when you try to usurp him." The other priest chuckled. "Then you will die."
Major Player Spoiler
He stood over the remains of his former friend, the simple blade extracting the soul. A bright light flashed, and the glowing light of Coryduin's soul tried to escape before being pulled into the blade at the claws of Kotzuiyrn's statue.
It was over.
He lowered his hand to his side where the mage priest had burned him, and prayed for healing. The burn did not heal.
"No." Skarzvard looked up to the statue. "He was trying to usurp you. Why do you turn you gaze away from me? Smite me if I have angered you, but tell me something!"
The place in his heart where he had felt Kotzuiyrn's presence was cold, confused.
Who are you? Who am I?
He lowered his gaze and shook. The body of his former friend shifted form, growing red scales and in size.

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Religious Views

He was one of the ruling ranks of priests within the Adrakian Empire's Theocracy.Minor Unsurprising Spoiler

Skarzvard never fully converted into following the deities of Thydians, as the death of his deity led him to question if any deities were truly as powerful as they claimed to be. He let his deeds be forgotten or claimed by others as he tried to move his family away from Estopti City and into what would one day become the North-Sea-Province

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His descendents carry his surname as an inherited name and a way to honor the memory of their mostly forgotten ancestor.






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No father was ever recorded
Circumstances of Death
Uncertain, maybe murdered, maybe old age

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