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Priesthood of Kotzuiyrn

The Adrakian Pantheon of The Adrakian Empire divided the lands of Soplas into thirds by the height of their expanse. Kotzuiyrn, the Razing ruled and trained in the northern expanses, Athtica, the Unfettered Gear haunted and skulked in the south and the southern half World Spine Mountains, and Kaygys, the Jealous traded and negotiated in the central and south-east regions.

History and Origin

From the few surviving records about his priesthood, Kotzuiyrn ruled by fire or claw among his followers. His followers ruled amongst themselves in a similar manner until they became the core of the Empire's military. In times of peace, the priesthood served as law enforcement while the Priesthood of Athtica served as judge and the Priesthood of Kaygys determined the sentencing.

The origins are shrouded in the mists of history and what records remain suggest a myth where Kotzuiyrn spared enemies he had deemed "worthy" of fighting him again, and those enemies owing him a life debt . With the life debt owed, they joined under his banner to earn the opportunity to fight him directly or to fight for him instead, forming the core of the militaristic nature of the priesthood.

Modern Beliefs

Nearly every temple, shrine, and complex belonging to Kotzuiyrn had fallen or been destroyed during Saint Antral's Rebellion, and whatever ruins survived were further defaced in the following centuries by Thydians finding fault with the Empire's goals. The reputation as the "military god's followers" provide local folklore with stories of atrocities committed against the Saint and her rebels, adding local fuel to youthful desire for righteousness thousands of years later.

Thydian Ruins

Many of the ruins have been destroyed, though a few have been repurposed such as the Temple of the Speared Light in Estopti City which was converted into a monument to the victory of Saint Antral's rebels over High Priest Coryduin and his dragon-god Kotzuiyrn.

The Last Active Shrine

The Last Shrine of Kotzuiyrn is located in a central part of Felkhath, though was enclosed within a cavern. The finding was reported by a pair of travelers who took shelter within a cave during a storm and to avoid being dragged into the Thydian Civil War as soldiers were nearby and took shelter within the same cave. The duo followed the cave into one set of ruins and into the ruins of the Last Shrine to avoid the soldiers.

Scholarly studies haven't begun yet due to the war, though the Arle of Felkhath was surprised to learn of the recently discovered ruin being within a week and a half of the capital city of his region. He has kept his scholars focused on creating a hypothesis more than directly studying as to keep the Order of Speared Light from sending troops to destroy a potential resource of study.


Equal yet subordinate to the High Priest, Kotzuiyrn's priests had among them a War Priest who led the battles and oversaw the training during times of peace.

To earn a promotion, priests would challenge each other until the best among them was found, who would in turn challenge the next highest ranked priest. Under this system, it is believed the High Priest is the strongest and best combatant, even as their focus is more on the religious side while the War Priest is their equal or near-equal and thus dictates how the training will proceed.

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