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War Priest

The Adrakian War Priest was a rank with the Adrakian Empire, specifically within the Priesthood following Kotzuiyr. The War Priest was a rank over the militant forces, and had generally been considered equal-but-subordinant to the High Priest of Kotzuiyrn's order.
In more peaceful times, the War Priest is a legal enforcement position, the head of the law enforcers when infractions are commited. The War Priest, in those times, is charged with ensuring the laws are enforced in the same manners across Soplas, instead of small variances across the geographic regions.
"I had two head priests at the end. Coryduin was the one to lead the people, while your ancestor was the other and led my military forces."
— Kotzuiyrn to Mathias

Duties of the Rank


Rank Variant


Social Status










People With The Rank

Accoutrements & Equipment

Most priests of the Adrakian Pantheon have masks they wear for ceremonial events representing how they as a priestly individual are a conduit between the people and their deities and are not important individually. These ceremonies are uncommon, but major.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Most War Priests are removed from their position by death or when they have been found to be ineffective as a campaign leader.

Notable Holders

Skarzvard was a particularly memorable War Priest, having been one of the last - if not the last - during Saint Antral's Thydian revolution. He's been seemingly erased from history records of him leading forces against an ally of Antral's, and then the last recorded event has him fighting alongside her.
"You claim the name of the Traitor, you will die."
— Unsealed Priest of the Last Shrine of Kotzuiyrn to Mathias Skarzvard and Valeska
Religious, Military
Presently - Extinct
Form of Address
War Priest, Priest,
Source of Authority
Deity, specifically Kotzuiyrn
Past Holders
Related Locations
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