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The Arling of the Great-Cook Family. This Arling is south of Arle Stormwatch's Arling, east of Estopti City and Oestopti City, and north of Feroian Arling. Felkhath is in central West Theydim, and is primarily an agricultural region.


Felkhath is primarily the flatlands of central western Theydim, and farms dot the Arling while herds of livestock graze. Hills have formed up and around the (unnatural) Rifts and Ravines scarring the Thydian province, smoothing the sharp drops caused by their formation during the Fall of the Adrakian Empire.
Note from Lyraine - a mix of Saskatchewan/the American Mid-West and Alberta/American West of the Rockies with a touch of East of the Cascades, the Rifts/Ravines aren't naturally formed by geographic forces and will have article. These places have almost no meaning for people not of the N. American Continent. XD

Natural Resources

A major industry for the locals is agriculture. Sheep herds roam the flatlands, alongside small cattle herds. Some of the ravines have revealed mining opportunities, should the miners be adventurous enough. In many ways, Felkhath is a breadbasket region.


Felkhath is a historical site of many battles during previous variants of the Thydian Unification Wars, due to its central location. Felkhath as a region has been under various Arlings since the fall of the Adrakian Empire. There are ruins of towns scattered throughout the region, abandoned to allow the land to recover from battles, fires, and general distruction through magical means.
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