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The Born in Power Somehow Campaign Primer

This campaign is effectively the alpha test of my setting, and to force myself to worldbuild for my players the things they need. And also so I can learn to run a game.
— Lyraine

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The Story From Here On

In many ways, I'm sort of making it up as I go, though there are certain story "beats" I have in mind from the PC's goals.
Right now, the players are working through their little corner of the Thydian Civil War as a result of the Siege of Felkhath and Vetheriss annexed part of Northern Felkhath. Valeska is the daughter of the Arle of Felkhath, Nunciel Great-Cook, Sven is Nunciel's right-hand-man kind of person, and Mathias is an unlanded and new "knight" (working out official names and the like) to Nunciel, so they each have a buy-in towards the, and I quote my players "Going up to punch Vetheriss in the ████."
Mathias has an additional buy-in to this current issue because he's from Norrasjo originally and Vetheriss annexed a part of Western Norrasjo, and there is a cultural "rivalry" between the people of Vetheriss and the Norrasjosk stemming from when Norrasjo broke from Vetheriss several centuries ago. To the people of Vetheriss, the people Norrasjo should be considered people of Vetheriss.

Additional Plots, to be added over time

  • Is the right-hand-man of Nunciel Great-Cook

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What should my players be expecting?

Bad Lyraine Placeholders! In more seriousness, I have a general struggle with naming things

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