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Vetheriss People

Salt in your hair, and the sea beneath your feet- what more do you need?



Vetheriss Pride

Vetheriss is an older Arling, and they tell stories about the old days when their home was much larger and before other arlings broke away or invaded.




Death and Memorial

Many in Vetheriss use salt to preserve their dead until the The North Sea is calm enough to set sail and weigh the deceased's body for a sea burial.


Cities and Architecture

Norrasjo and Vetheriss have some of the best preserved pre-Adrakian ruins, some are still inhabited to the current day.

Most residences in Vetheriss that aren't inhabited ruins are built to protect against storms, and several use ship-making practices to build homes.



Norrasjo breaks from Vetheriss

When Norrasjo succeeded from Vetheriss, there was a cultural divide between the two to develop. Many in Vetheriss had seen the sucession as a land-theft.


Norrasjo left Vetheriss over a century ago - you're not an Elf or Dwarf to hold a grudge for so long, and if you were of Orc descent like I, you'd be on your fleet and shooting my harbors.

Oh wait, I forgot, you don't have a fleet. Have you tried your army?

Encompassed species

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