Vetheriss Arling


Salt in your hair, and the sea beneath your feet- what more do you need?

Vetheriss is mostly along the shore, and while the Arling carrying its name goes further inland, the region is mostly shore line.

Some areas of Vetheriss do make for livable farmland, but those areas are more like patchwork and depend on the winds staying consistent from year to year.


The people of Vetheriss would be the first to tell you they could make a booming salt industry - but one would have to find a market for it.

Salt Forest

A small particular location in Vetheriss where there was once a forest, but now only the Imprint in the salt remain to tell of the trees that had once carved out an existence.


Vetheriss has a number of pre-Imperial Ruins suspected to be the earliest form of the Thydian culture. Several have been converted into towns since their rediscovery thousands of years ago, creating a small lure for historians.

As with most of Theydim, there are a number of Adrakian ruins as well, though the proximity to Capital and the Order of Speared Light means any would-be group trying to bring back the Dragons would be discovered and extermintated.

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