Salt Timber

The salt-petrified trees of the Salt Forests in Vetheriss Arling are harvested with care, as the timber could easily break when the tree is being felled.   The salt makes the wood brittle, but trees that have been long-petrified are stronger and more stone-like. Entire logs have been carved into pillars for supporting purposes and vanity, while the shattered bits have been carved into charms, beads, and pendants for jewelry.   Salt-Loggers rarely work in the Salt Forests for the length of their entire careers as loggers due to the time needed for the trees to properly petrify, and usually walk the forests looking for fallen logs, branches, or stumps to harvest instead.   Some believe the forests are unoccupied, while others are convinced Wood Maidens still walk among the trees, trying to revive the younger ones from their salty deaths, or the maidens themselves becoming petrified in turn. Skeleton-Trees from the region tend to be more deadly in their encounters due to the salt-encrusting piercing any wounds leaving scars most healers struggle to heal in time.   Nobles pay to have their homes built with the timber, though several use it as a facing material to save cost. The Arle of Vetheriss has his home built out of the timber, though one of the older neighboring structures is believed to be the original home of the Arles. Must of the cost in acquiring the timber comes from the care needed for the harvest, and some superstitions about the forest dwellers.
Uncommon, just hard to harvest
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Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Artbreeder


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