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Zimaskog Arling

Ice and timber. We make a living here, and live comfortably. Norrasjo gets hit with more storms than we do, and honestly, it's all right by us over here.



Zimaskog Arling, like Norrasjo is a coastal region with an emphasis on fishing. Several towns are built with harbors, and some are involved in the whale oil industry.


The region is named in part for its forests, which are tended to with care to avoid upsetting the Skeleton-Trees and their Wood Maiden herders.


The Lognefjalls provide a natural border between Norrasjo and Zimaskog as political entities due to the passes, but the mountains provide mining opportunities and logging camp towns.


Zimaskog is home to a mix of ruins, Adrakian and some seemingly of a different style.

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Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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