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Horfadal Arling

In many ways, we stand as a border between east Theydim and west Theydim. We used to be the heart of Theydim, an while the Arling bearing the name of our region has shrunk down over time, and in some ways changed shape, it always held the capital of our Arling.


Horfadal is like Felkhath in how it is land that is kind to those who live on it, assume they are kind to the land in turn. Unlike Felkhath, Horfadal is harder in the winters, and the land takes longer to recover from farming.

The people of Horfadal have learned to rotate fields and alternate between growing crops and raising livestock.


Horfadal has a number of SynonymForGhostTown from the growth and decline of industries and cities.

There are also some abandoned and resettled settlements suspected to have once been Adrakian, though the Order of Speared Light had clearly long erased draconic iconography from the ruins, and most have been picked clean if they were anywhere near a major road.

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