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Member of the Independents.   Horfadal as an Arling has prided itself in its central Theydim location, and has a general belief that in the end, things will return to how they have always been.
Before Magnus the Red-Eyed, no High King has reigned over Theydim for long - few made it beyond their first year. We don't need a High King to tell us how to run our Alrings, so why should there even be a war?
  Horfadal Blackades entry to Felkhath from the East because Felkhath is a prize for anyone seeking to unify Theydim - Magnus had used it before. When Nunciel had refused to side with Tilde, Horfadal began to prepare for invasions from the east looking to steal the jewel of Theydim. Stendal and Horfadal fight due to blockade because Stendal was growing desperate after some less than successful farming seasons, and Flachsteengroeve was not quite opening their borders for travel at the time.
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