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Horfadal Blackades entry to Felkhath from the East

Arle Ivan Akselson ordered troops to block off roads through Horfadal's lands towards Felkhath. The roads were primarily used by Alleklint, Stendal, and Zimaskog as trade route to acquire food related goods.
Felkhath is akin to a gem of Theydim - food grows well and the Arle is a reasonable man. I do not want to see Felkhath fall to either side in this petty war.
The High King died, and his daughter, his original heir, is proving herself to be a petulant child who thinks the world's problems can be solved by playing with money. The other contender is hardly better, swooping in with large claims of an upcoming war only he can stop because Magnus supposedly named him heir with his dying words. The Uncrowned offer an enticing concept, it has promise, but someone will demand to become High King "for the greater good."
Theydim has never had a High King for long, and never had any kind of dynasty. If the deities wanted us to unify under any one family, Saint Antral would have married and had kids. She didn't. She died off fighting dragons or something.
— Arle Ivan Akselson of Horfadel

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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