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Siegmund Kerlbror

Arle Siegmund Kerlbror

I do not want another morning starting with a Merchant who had gone missing a week ago showing up bloated and floating in the harbor with half a leg missing - chewed on. Order at least two guards to escort merchants whenever they leave their wagons or the inns and taverns.

- Note from Siegmund Kerlbror
  As a claimant for the position of High King in Theydim, Kerlbror is the political rival of Tilde Magnusdotr in the Civil War. Most of his claim is based on Magnus the Red-Eyed naming him his heir while dying.   He has led the Ostufer's Faction from the beginning of the Civil War as it has gone for the last two Cycles.   One of the major stances of the faction's reasons for why Siegmund would make the better High King quotes a speech he once made about preparing Theydim for The Great War beginning again. He has been encouraging the development for more militarized technology.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Identifying Characteristics

Since Siegmund made his claim on the throne of the High King, loose tongues have commented on the young man's strong resemblance to the late High King and the similar resemblance between Magnus and DadKerlbror.

Facial Features

Pale hair he usually keeps shoulder length and hates cutting it shorter, claiming his head has an unusual shape.

Body Features

Tall and broadshouldered, he would sunburn easily with his fair skintone, and a scar from a dog bite when he was a child shows as a gnarled twisted series of scars years later.

Physical Quirks

Kerlbror as a child was extremely flexible, and as an adult, he still periodically demonstrates the same level of flexibility though he has been less inclined towards such demonstrations.

To the concern of his personal physicians and those who grew up with him, he has always healed slowly from injuries, and his scars would develop large scabs that would thicken into large knots.


Early Life


Nobility in often receive the widest base of education of any economic group in Theydim. He had to study Thydian history, Ostufer history, the history of the neighboring Arlings, Thydian religion, economic theory, shipping and caravan routes, military tactics for land and sea, how to sail a ship and perform every task a ship would need - as any Ostufer youth would, - how to host a diplomatic event and everything related to diplomacy.

Less common to nobility, however, Siegmund took an interest in managing roads, engineering, and the logistics of moving armies and goods across vast regions.


Siegmund took up the title of Arle after his father passed away when he was in his late teens. It has been suggested the young Arle at the time had mostly followed his mother's recommendations more often than any other advisor, leading to the speculation she was the one ruling instead of him.

Over the years, however, Siegmund found his own way to lead and make his own decision, even contradicting his mother. The speculations were put to rest as an example of another young Arle learning how to govern an Arling as a whole.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Depending on how one interprets the beginning of the war, some claim Siegmund Kerlbror's greatest achievement was in complicating a line of succession. Others would say killing the High King to start the war or to remove any conflict to his claim was his greatest achievement - if they could only prove he had killed the late High King.

Failures & Embarrassments

As a child, Siegmund used to get into fights with Tilde Magnusdotr when she would imply her father thought his mother was too ugly to marry. These events have, unfortunately, formed the basis of his reputation with several people closer to the Thydian capitals.

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
5 .3A 31 Years old
Ruled Locations

Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics



Siegmund believes in the idea of political survival of the most adaptable.

"... This is how we have always been - Arlings rise and fall as their leaders can defend or support, and when they fall, another Arling will take them. The Treaty has halted this pattern, our tradition. If an Arle is unsuitable to rule, the people should be allowed to refuse that Arle's protection and turn to another...


Siegmund ended the alliance with Alleklint when Arle Hanne Lisedotr of Alleklint used the Civil War as a pretense to expand the borders of her arling.

Personality Characteristics


His exact motivation is a topic of debate among his allies and his rivals. Supporters of Magnusdotr believe Siegmund is operating from a delusion of grandeur, falsifying the deathbed claim. Among his allies, several believe he is motivated by a rare patriotism towards the concept of a unified Theydim, and some speculate on his mother's long engagement to the late High King lending truth to some whispers about the Arle actually being Magnus' firstborn and making sense of the unusual deathbed change of heir.


Siegmund grew up preparing his region for conflict as the uneasy peace caused by the Great Awakening at the end of the great war teeters on the bring of open warfare once more. Ostufer as an arling has had to deal with coastland raiders from The Five Cities, and believes those raids to be combat readiness tests.



He has some vanity issues with the idea of looking "odd" after a childhood of constant bruises and a collection of scars making casual and normal injuries appear more extreme than they would on his peers. Siegmund has also been described as hyperfocusing on war preparations since his teen years when his father was preparing him to take up the Arling and the duties of Arle.


The few times Siegmund had allowed himself to relax since the civil war started, he will pop out his shoulder as a bet-winning "trick" though he has to limit the number of times because his ability to replicate the trick causes him pain the next day or a week later.


Some would claim his greatest vice is his sense of righteousness in his actions, though others would say that righteousness comes from his own self-applied pressure and pride as he chases the idea of preserving a unified Theydim.



  • His family
  • Theydim as a unified political entity


  • People doubting him

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