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High Elves

"Many have said the only thing that makes the High Elves unique compared to the Nomadic Elves and the Forest Elves is their jewelry. The Forest Elves call them 'glitter hair,' and the Nomadic Elves have taken to calling them 'settled gems.'"
"These? They are quite pretty. You know how magic can be stored inside of certain gems? You know how Tormyra is heavily based on one's magical legacy and ability as well? Now, look around and see all the elves with their masks, all the elves with their tattoos proclaiming their occupation or legacy, and then look to see who is wearing all the jewelry. If certain spells can be stored into certain gems, and some gems can hold any one spell, what do you see?"
"It ... looks like a possible disaster."
"Well, good thing most of those are glass, and most gems tend to carry some kind of warding magic, if they store anything at all."

High Elven base Ethnicities


Common Dress code

High Elves tend to wear gems and metallic ornamentation as status symbols. The more one wears, the higher their rank is presumed to be, or the more wealthy they are. Recent trends have been moving away from caste-like system of Tormyra's social structure, as wealth is no longer limited to only the magically powerful.
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