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Apprentice Edyrm

Brother of Echedir, and is apprentice to Edyrm's Mentor.    

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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Edyrm is the oldest of his siblings, and recalls how his family came to be left with the The Temple of Winds. Of their parents, he has said little, and has stated that he prefers to keep himself focused on the present and the future, not the past.


Edyrm was a rising star in the University of Tormyra who graduated before his younger brother.
"I'm glad there are enough years between Echedir and I in regards to our education for us to not share the same courses. He has a tendency to ... act when he thinks he knows he's right. I would have killed him within months if we were in the university at the same time. I prefer to know what others have done and to refine where they went wrong."

Personality Characteristics


Edyrm seeks to uplift his family's standing and master what is known in regards to magic. Towards his brother, he views his brother as wasting his talents and time with Artificer research. His other younger siblings, he wants to improve their social and economic standing, which drives him to continue his research into refining and improving the current uses for magical evocation of the elements.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Dedication and discipline towards ones' studies or goals
  • Procedures
  • Recognition
  • Wasted talent
  • Maverick mages - like his brother - who choose to research what is essentially indemonstrable concepts
  • Embarassment

Vices & Personality flaws

Echedir knows this
Despite his public arguments with his brother, and his brother refusing to fall into line and study something most of Tormian mages would consider "normal" and "powerful," he does respect his brother's dedication to the field of study, if not the field itself. He would sooner have his fingernails ripped from their beds than admit it out loud in Echedir's range of hearing. He has, however, gotten into magical debates against people claiming Artificer magic to be an entire waste of magical study as a whole.
  "My brother may be wasting his talents, but the magic of the Artificers are not to be brushed away as if you were merely dusting off bookshelves. Artificers forged the Warforged of Tormyra. The Warforged ended the Great War when magic and weapons were not enough to ensure victory in our favor."
"The Warforged ended it for sure. They started questioning if they have souls."
-Edyrm to another mage
Echedir has heard about his brother's respect for the Artificer field of magic as a whole.




Towards Echedir Ilphelkiir


Echedir Ilphelkiir


Towards Edyrm


Honorary & Occupational Titles
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Little brother, the goddesses have blessed you with opportunity and gifts, and you're just wasting them with what cannot be proven!"
"Have you read my last 6 theses published in the last year?"
"Peer-reviewed by whom?"
— Edyrm to Echedir
"Pursuing change for the sake of bringing change about, is not progress. It's destruction - chaos - regression. Change - progress, is built on what is known; what can be proven."

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