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Arle Tilde Magnusdotr,

I am saddened to inform you of your father's passing. The late High King Magnus the Red-Eyed was a man I held high in my regards. I wish you were with us in his final moments to say goodbye.

I am, however, not merely wishing you were with us for sentimental reasons alone. I must inform you of your father's deathbed decision to name me heir to the title of High King. This was as much a shock to me, as I am certain is it for you to read now. I know I was not raised to this position as you had been, but I have to assume there was a reason he chose for you be Capital's Arle.

You have done great things for your people and I'm certain you've learned from the best. With the two of us as allies, we can make this transition easier for Thydians and the other Arles.

I look forward to our working together towards a new Thydian future,

Siegmund Kerlbror, High King of Theydim, Arle of Ostufer

Ostufer is a coastal Arling, It's one of the larger Arlings from during the Thydian Unification Wars, and now from the aggression of Alleklint towards Minor Arling L and Minor Arling K. Kerlbror has taken L and K within Ostufer to protect their people from Alleklint, and broke off the alliance between his Arling and Arle Lisedotr of Alleklint..

Many in Ostufer are fishers or sea-faring merchants. There are a few whaling towns, but Norrasjo holds a stronger hold on the whaling industry.

Ostufer is, economically speaking, the most stable Arling, and politically speaking, Kerlbror has demonstrated himself to be a capable Arle in defending merchants against bandits and providing SomeKindOfServiceToHelpPeopleWhoAreStrugglingGetWorkHere.

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