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Feroian Arling

Feroia is another ancient Arling with written records dating it to the Adrakian Empire. Among the ruins of Feroia are rumors of dragon-worshipping cultists attempting to bring back the Empire through strange nefarious means, though the Order of Speared Light has been quick to move in on such rumors whenever they crop up.


Feroia is heavily based on mining and timber, though the eastern side is more agricultural.

Uncle! I found a better tree - and it's marked!
— Woodcutter's niece


Around the year 6 .3A, a warband built a bridge across the Daggermark Ravine and reopened the Old Road. Trade from the Kingdom of Tormyra began to flow through Feroia directly rather than going first through the Contested Lands and into Jordelv

The increase in trade from Tormyra heading north has allowed Feroia to flourish economically, but their Arle, Tigh Turlan, was unused to having a bountiful Arling to govern and extra wealth in the city's coffers.

"Does he ever do anything other than hoard up any spices and fruits from other lands?"
"Not since the Unification Wars."
"Why won't he just abdicate and make Magnusdotr the new Arle. At this rate, we may as well be South Capital."
— Gossip about Arle Turlan.

Feroia's economy was recovered with the help of Tilde Magnusdotr when she was a teen.

Geopolitical, Province
Leader Title
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Controlled Territories
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Feroia is under the Capitalist Faction's banner

Feroia is under the Capitalist Faction's banner

Minor needs Feroia's support, and Feroia is grudgingly providing because they are concerned about having a war torn border

Trade partners

Share a border, Felkath provides extra food trade for raw materials, Civil War cooled their friendly relations

Fjellstrand has refused to join Capitolist, is under pressure

Flachsteengroeve was a Capitolist, since leaving, has drawn ire

Feroia is a major supporter of Capitalist

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