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Flachsteengroeve was not as wealthy agriculturally as Felkhath to the north, but the region was able to support itself and the quarry mines underneath.

During the Adrakian Empire's time, the region was home to several QUARRYMATERIAL mines. The older and wealthier mines were carved into underground cities to glorify their false deities with statues. Since those ancient times, the inset statues were vandalized and destroyed, while many of the ancient undergorund cities were abandoned after word spread of ghosts trying to trap their modern descendents with them in collapsed corridors.


Formerly a member of the Capitolist faction Flachsteengroeve left the Capitolist faction for the Uncrowned faction of the Thydian Civil War. Other members of the Uncrowned faction have been wary of Flachsteengroeve, though an agreement has been made for the Arling to take measures to end the border raids on Felkhath the the best of their ability.

Flachsteengroeve takes land from Jordelv

Jordelv Starts to Lose Land Near the East Flachsteengroeve Border

Flachsteengroeve Takes Land from Stendal

Ertsklif Takes Lands From Flachsteengroeve

Flachs, Groeves,
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