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Flachsteengroeve People


Haunted Mine Ruins

The quarries are known ruins of the Adrakian Empire and while they're still in use today, there are old routes that have collapsed or abandoned. Some miners have sworn they've seen dead spirits hold victims back during a collapse.

It doesn't feel right to go further in this direction. Sometimes I swear I feel the eyes of the crushed slaves watching me, waiting to reach out and have me join them in their pain and misery.
— Miner

These concerns about restless undead have led to a cleric from the Order of the Watchers to accompany most expeditions into old ruins and set out to put the dead to rest, or appease their anger.

Local Law


The people generally live in a society where there is a high expectation of cooperation. Those who are known to be knowledgable in their fields are generally given respect and opportunities to give their recommendations.

Flachsteengroeve's Arle felt they were no longer a speaking voice among the Capitolist faction, and left to join the Uncrowned believing they would champion a system where Arles have more decisive political roles than under a High King.


Coming of Age

An unofficial tradition has youths spending a night as a group near one of the older mines. These nights are generally uneventful, with the participants trading ghostly stories passed down from older siblings, counsins, and friends, or collected from travelers.

Death and Memorial

Flachsteengroeve tend to cremate their dead after a year of burial, believing the deceased has safely made their way to the Watcher and is in no need of their physical body anymore. This is also done in an attempt to appease any ghosts escaping the mines by inhabiting the abandoned body.


Cities and Architecture

There are ruins of underground mining cities, and several cities on the surface have been carved from the harvested or discarded stone mined from the ancient mines. Many @dwarves who choose to live on the surface have settled in the region and have began changing the construction practices for more stable buildings being carved out of the stone rather than made with the stone.

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