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"Port Frostfind, capital of Norrasjo under the Arle Stormwatch. You want sailors brave enough to face ice and storm, then you want sailors from Frostfind."




Shared Knowledge

"Sailors share what they know of the seas, not because they're concerned some other sailor will find some secret treasure, but because the seas are something they all face."
— Arle Sten Stormwatch

The tradition of sharing knowledge in order to ensure one's neighbors survived and would be able to help one in turn was part of how many Norrasjosk came to join the Theydim Intelligence Association or support their Arle in creating it. Times have shifted somewhat as the sharing of information has turned to be less common outside Norrasjo Arling.


Red in the morning, sailor take warning. Red at night, a sailor's delight.
— Superstition

Many sailors have developed superstitions - mostly related to the weather or productive fishing - though they're generally highly personalized to the individual. No one is quite certain as to how braiding one's hair from left to right leads to a bountiful haul, but the sailors will generally refuse to give up their rituals and instead add more steps to try and appease Nature as the gods generally have no control over Nature.

Local Law

The most common form of lawful punishment is for the convicted to join the Norrasjo Navy under the belief most crimes are caused by the lack of training for a skill or the opportunity to use the training the individual has. The Norrasjo military is mostly a navy sailing out in storms to find stranded and lost fishing or transport crafts.

The eastern side of Norrasjo has a modest timber industry from the western Lognefjalls' forests, and as an alternative, many woodcutters will admit to less than legal occupation histories. Training to be a woodcutter is a valued skill set, and many go on to learn carpentry.




Death and Memorial

As the people of Norrasjo share a heritage with the people of Vetheriss, they share the sea burials, though unlike the people of Vetheriss, Norrasjo Arling has less salt and therefore do not preserve their dead. Many sailors specifically request to be sea-buried by weighing an older raft and setting it to sail in a storm.

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Norrasjo Arling is mostly a coastal region, leading to a thriving fishing and harbor industry. Whale Oil is a major export, along the other parts of a whale.

Best restaraunt in all of Port Frostfind - the Lemon's Feast! They've got salmon, tuna, whale, and sometimes a catch is lucky to grab a giant squid!

Cities and Architecture

Why would anyone want to live here after all of these disasters? I'd be moving out after the first one!
— W.Greg

Many of the cities and towns of Norrasjo are harbor towns and have been built to withstand storms to the best of the ability of the builders.


Secession from Vetheriss

Formerly part of Vetheriss, and take pride in that separation, though Vetheriss has instead seemingly taken a great deal of offense.

In more recent times, Vetheris has began expanding again, upsetting many Narrasjosk.

The Secession of Zimaskog

"Just join our side - my people need your help when we're being pushed into the mountains!"

"I cannot openly aid you."

"Then the blood of my people, your own people's kin, is on your hands, Stormwatch."

- communications between Arle of Zimaskog and Arle Sten Stormwatch as Norrasjo and Zimaskog fall out

Myths and Legends

The Spiked Whale

The North Sea is home to many mysteries, deep dwelling terrors pulling ships into the depths. One whaling captain had recently returned claiming he had seen a whale like a narwhal, but with spikes on the horns. The story of the captain telling the story has grown, even as he had gone back out sailing - possibly to try and find the "spikiest whale."

"You hear about Croat?"
"That Goltherine fellow?"
"You nitwit! He's a Thydian born and true; but that's not what I meant. You hear about his last whaling?"
"Who're you two talking about?"
"Captain Salim? What about his last whaling?"
"Oh right, you broke your leg on the trip before. Anyway, Croat swears he saw the spikiest whale."
— Three sailors discussing Captain Croat E. Salim's whaling venture

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