Lemon's Feast

"Alright, we got one Flying Off The Deck Spiced Salmon, one Classic Lemon Cod Pasty, and one Classic Salmon Roast with three waters, one lemon tea, and a cup of Hot Caff."
— Restaurant Staff Member
A Merchant, Lemon, started up a restaurant for his wife who was delighted people would be willing to pay for her cooking. The restaurant still stands, over a hundred and fifty years later.


The Lemon Cod Market became the Market-Dock replacement, where fishermen and whalers sell their catches directly to their merchants and customers. Across the street, restaraunts have been built to cook up the fish, or to provide sailors, mechants, visitors, and families with a meal or two. The restaurants also provide an aromatic lure and examples of what the local catch could be cooked into. There are artisans and performers who have taken to using the street as a place for them to sell their work, or to demonstrate their abilities.
The market was named for a merchant who had decided to start up a restaurant after his wife had brought him a lunch that drew a crowd of individuals to follow her. The first lunch was based on cod purchased from the fishermen the merchant was in the middle of making a deal with, but his wife was the one everyone was interested in speaking to.

The Room Where It Happens

"The backroom? Oh, that's the smokeroom. That's where the smoked fish gets made."
"And no one asks how the fish here gets made."
". . . They just assume that it happens. She was expecting you."
— A quiet conversation
Theydim Intelligence Organization meets in the Lemon's Feast, though this meeting place is not the official place of operations, even if one of the major leaders of the organization can be found eating her meals within the restaurant.
"Hm? No, I just help with the bookwork for the restaurant. See, Nekot?"
Nada Liyas Ellascas holding up the inventory book.

Regular visitors

Nada Ellascas
  • Generally considered to be the person who will spread word of new rulings made by Arle Sten Stormwatch across Norrasjo Arling, Nada is a recognizable member of ThydianIntelligence. She's avoided assassination attempts by having strong connections to multiple people in power.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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