Stormwatch's Spies Code

"Writing words backwards isn't going to cut it. Anyone can read these."
"It's a two-step cipher, write backwords and then encode."
"Too many steps, and you're leaving behind writing to decode yourself from. You need to know your own code as easily as you know ThydianLanguage or Common."
Theydim Intelligence Organization members formulate their own codes while in training, and their training handler becomes their field handler, limiting the number of people who can read the reports written by their agent. The supporting motive for having members create their own code is to continue training themselves about how they phrase their reports to prevent themselves from being caught.
These coded languages vary from a cipher or an entire conlang as one infamous individual had been accused of doing. Tobias Gimroanson insists he had done no such thing and is instead attempting to reconstruct the Ancient Thydian language dating to Pre-Adrakian Empire eras.
One now retired MemberRankHere Delin Tathson has held up his maps that are used across Theydim as maps and revealed where he had hidden his reports without compromising the validity of the maps.
Information is lost in translation from agent to spymaster as keeping reports short leads to most ciphers remaining difficult to crack.
When a cipher has been cracked or revealed, the agent is generally considered compromised until they have a new method of transfering reports and have been relocated to a place where they will be integrated without suspicion.
"I think it's adorable you think I'm hiding my reports to Arle Stormwatch in the ledger of the Lemon's Feast. Here, have a look and see if I am."
"Glad I changed my code from the ledgerbooks years ago."
— SpymasterRankThatFitsTheydimHere Nada Liyas Ellascas
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