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Ostufer People



The people of Ostufer typically have a blended accent from regular contact with traders from other places.



Most people of Ostufer dress in layers - an outermost layer usually made of something rain or weather resistant, and then garments intended for indoor purposes.

Here's how you can tell a local from a transplant. Who actually wears a hat or a hood in rain lighter than an absolute soaker? Transplants. Though when the rain really falling hard and soaks through to the bone, all bets are off. Unless someone's using something over the top of their head. Nine times out of ten, they're a transplant. Or a guard using their shield. That was an awkward conversation.

Specific Traditions

Coming of Age

When a Thydian comes of age in Ostufer, they are often set to sail on a ship with others who are also coming of age in the town (or neighboring towns) in that year where they will practice their skills out at sea for surviving. Usually, an elder who is an experienced captain will oversee the sailing, while each young adult spends a week as captain themselves.

The practice dates to the days of Saint Antral's Rebellion, suggesting it dates to the days of the Adrakian Empire. The exact date beyond that is uncertain, but the practice is used to ensure adults know how to survive should they be out on the waters in the worst case scenario.

Death and Memorial

Most people of Ostufer work on boats and ships, leading to a general practice of burials at sea. Some who used to work on the open waters but chose not to be sent into the waters are buried with an oar as a marker.


Most dishes are based on seafood. One popular dish among the older generations is a recipe for a pickled fish. A common method of harassment for nonlocals who had never visited the region or a particular city before is to serve the nonlocal a sampling of various pickled fish.

Cities and Architecture

Most of the architecture in the region is wood based, though older structures would have a base floor made of stone and over time build "up" with wood and then later, stone.


The Burning of Harhofn

Harhofn's harbor and main market district were burned when a group from Alleklint disguised themselves among a Trader Caravan to enter the city. During the night, the group left the traveling merchants and set the beating heart of the city aflame. They took advantage of the natural oils from the whales and fish brought in and marketed as fuel for the flames.

As a result of the fire, locals in the capital city of Ostufer have a strong suspicion against traveling merchants, who in turn are accompanied by local guards to ensure harassment is kept to a minimum.

If you are so suspicious, serve them pickled fish. But you are not going to interfere with their business more than that by order of the soon-to-be High King.

Myths and Legends

Stories describe Merfolk swimming under ships sailing the ocean and tossing the sailors overboard, while other stories describe the same peoples as protecting survivors of a wreck from sea predators.

Most tales of the Adrakian Empire's era describe the region as being more prosperous and lush than in the modern day. Scholars speculate the Rifts and ravines scarring Theydim are to blame for rivers suddenly diverting their paths elsewhere and away from the now ancient riverbeds.

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