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Arle of Flachsteengroeve

Arle of Flachsteengroeve FIRSTNAME SURNAME

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

SURNAME has generally been described as being thin and "weasel-like."

Identifying Characteristics

Surname is missing an ear from when the previous Arle had fallen into a fit of magically-induced madness and tried to kill the rest of the family.

Facial Features

A missing ear, usually covered by a hood, or by carefully styling their hair to cover the scars.

Apparel & Accessories

FIRSTNAME SURNAME generally prefers to dress in simple garments more than the clothes of their rank, often wearing symbols of the Thydian god, the Watcher of the Graves. They also generally prefer to wear hoods, though it's more to hide away the scars.



Early Life


The third child of an Arle, SURNAME never expected to become Arle, and was instead educated and educated themself to eventually join the Order of the Watch to explore the ruins of the land and set the dead to rest.

This plan was tragically put to an end when the then-Arle was bespelled and attacked the family, severely wounded all of them, and when the Arle was finally stopped, only SURNAME was surviving by the end. They were placed under the care of a regent who was their family's highest ranked man-at-arms at the time, and given a rushed education on what being an Arle would mean.

Currently Held Titles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations


Accomplishments & Achievements

Flachsteengroeve leaves the Capitolist Faction - While many within the faction may view this choice as a failure, SURNAME claims it to be a victory.
Magnusdotr had ignored my warnings and recommendations to win over the Uncrowned by instating some of their wishes in a way to favor her. A council of Arles who would answer to the High King would easily satisfy their desires to feel heard.
But she'd not even bothered to listen - dismissed me even.
I feel she is much like Kerlbror - an Arle who wanted to be High King and maybe gather more land under her control beyond Feroian and Capital. I cannot continue to support her endeavors, but I have hopes she will realize her flaws.

I know you are cautious of me. I would be in your shoes, but I was made very aware of how the self-confident can be blinded to their own lack of knowledge. I will work to cease the raids on Felkhath.

"However, agents from (Arle Stormwatch's) pet project have sent us evidence Flachsteengroeve gave tactical information to Enjorde in exchange for land from Stendal. The year between their leaving us could have been followed by half-hearted warring to allay suspicion."

- Note on the Capitolist War Map

Mental Characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics


Having been harmed by their parent as a child, SURNAME has taken a strong stance of generally seeking the least amount of risk with the greatest reward.


Everything worth knowing has been recorded. If it hasn't been, it needs to be.


There has been an unspoken agreement for other nobles to ensure no case of family-violence comes before the Arle after one case had found the abuser being sent alone into spider-infested mines. A group of hired mercenaries eventually cleared the mine, and found the abuser's body among webs.

Personality Characteristics


Surname likes to be respected by others, and enjoys learning from the educated.


Many describe SURNAME as being bookish are rarely interested in leaving their books.

Considering my ear and my general appearance, I'm no one worth looking at. I can at least make myself interesting to talk to.


A new book?! It's the one I've been looking for? Thank you!


  • Books and education.
  • Prefers to stay indoors and not head out into a battlefield themselves.


  • Respect given towards educated individuals
  • Learning more information


  • Disregarding advice from educated individuals
  • Anyone who believes education is a waste of time

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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Jan 2, 2021 17:15 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Aw I like the sound of him. He's had a bit of a rough time, hasn't he? I'm not surprised he goes for the least risk possible. And I'm not surprised that he gave that family-abuser a harsh sentence.

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He has. I'm not a huge fan of Abuse-As-Backstory, so I'll have to come back to him and fill in some more gaps so he doesn't just look like "Leader who doesn't want to lead" combined with "Tragic main character-like backstory". But I was nearing the end of WorldEmber and wasn't sure what else I had for him, so his article is as it currently is.

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