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High King Magnus Was Murdered

"Wasn't it suspicious?"
"EastLeader PersonBro says he was made Heir on High King Magnus's deathbed. Who says he didn't kill him for the throne?"
"Really? I heard WestFaction LeaderPerson killed him so she could sit herself on the throne instead of waiting for Death to finally take him."
"I thought it was his heart. He was considered old among Humans."
— gossips in Felkath City

The Facts

High King Magnus died very suddenly while on Tour around Theydim. The Unification of Theydim Treaty stated an heir must be crowned within a number of years after the death of a High King, or else Theydim would dissolve into the independent Arlings under their respective Arle.

During the Thydian Unification Wars, a number of Arles felt they had been forced with an axe at their neck to become part of the forming kingdom.

The last time Theydim threatened to fall into civil war, other countries began reaching for border regions of Theydim or into the Contested Lands, giving reason for the Arles to set aside personal greviances and fight as a unified Theydim. The Great War came to an unsatisfactory end - no side between the four major powers could be declared a winner - leading several powerful individuals to believe the Great War had not ended, and was merely paused.

The Theories

Many have motives for the High King's murder - personal ambition, a drive for independence, national ambition.

The general motives for agreeing to take sides in the war have their roots with the Unification Wars, as some of the older Arles felt they were forced in a "Unify or Die" decision.

Some, more cautious, individuals maintained that the uncertain conclusion of the Great War was why High King Magnus was murdered - an attempt to start the fighting again.

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