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Ertsklif Arling


Ancient History

Modern History

The Great War

Ertsklif Arling fought a lot with the Five Cities for control for their southern territories, and with the Southard City forging cannons and transporting them to the north, parts of Ertsklift has been scarred.

You see that hole in the cliff? That was a City cannon, and it shot right through. We got lucky it didn't take out the whole facing, or we'd have lost a lost of people to the landslide.
— Rice farmer



Five Cities' Rice Fields

Southern Ertsklif is more swampland due to the border it shares with the Five Cities, allowing it to grow at the least Five City rice as a staple food product. This has allowed the region to be a more prosperous region than its neighbors in Eastern Theydim, though the mines provide more profitable materials.

Arfosian and Gem ScrollGems Mines

Most of the mines are in the cliffs of Ertsklif worn away by the water erosion of the swamps of the five cities.

Gem Scrolls are a powerful resource for any mage, though certain Artificers have a greater talent for transcribing spells into the stones. These gems were once made into trinkets for children or the lower economic classes who wanted pretty jewelry without the high cost of more precious stones. When the Gem Scroll Spell Storing property of the gems were found, these baubles because highly valued.

Arfosian is a metal that can grant an enhancement to metals it is alloyed with. Arfosian is often found with gem scrolls.

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