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Five Cities' Rice

Rice grown in the Five Cities Region like in Hallomin City.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Being a plant, Five Cities Rice is a flowering plant, requiring pollination to produce seeds. Seeds can remain dormant for months.

Ecology and Habitats

Five Cities' variety of rice was cultivated specifically for the cold swamped region the Cities control. However, the rice has begun to take over where it managed to take root. At this time, the rice has not managed to take hold over where the water is deeper. Nearly every City has rice farms outside of their city bounds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Five Cities Region is rich in fish fertilizer, so as long as the currents flow through the Region, the seeds have soil to germinate through.
... in response to the Blight War, there will now be regulations regarding City waste disposal. All City waste must be exported through sewer pipes as built by Hydme City to expel away from City growing zones. Failure to comply with the new regulations will result in ...
... Sewer pipes contain at least a diameter of [1.5 yards*] and must be sealed except to topside external access points from above in order to maintain the pipelines and prevent leaks from access points that would otherwise be below the waste's high-load surface levels within the pipes. Failure to comply will result in ...
— Blight Wars Treaty, issued by the Council of Families

Biological Cycle

Five Cities' Rice has a longer germination stage as a result of the colder climate than Oshrar, where the original strain of rice arrived from. The Five Cities Region, however, is mostly in the same temperature range all year around, allowing for farmers to rotate their crops and grow almost year-round. Much like other rices, Five Cities Rice grows and enters the reproductive stage between two months and most of three months after the vegetative stage has begun.

Additional Information


Oshrarian Rice is grown in a far warmer region than the Five Cities Region, so each season's survivors would be replanted until fields of rice could be planted without losing more crops than could be harvested.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Rice is used as a food, and Five Cities Rice is generally prepared into a porridge or pressed into molds to wrap around a filling.
Average Height
Five Cities Rice tends to grow to about 2 yards in height. The exact height of each plant is generally uncertain, due to soil drift from the currents, leaving some plants to later be discovered as being taller than the average Orc.

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