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Hallomin City

The Under-City of Arfosian, where metals are mined.

"Where other cities have to fight the swamp to keep from drowning, we have solid ground. We dig ourselves into stable rock, and everyone wants what we produce."

Hallowmin City is the only city of the The Five Cities to be built on solid ground, by being built on one of the northern border shared with Theydim, and to the south of Hallomin is Southard City. Due to the veins of Arfosian running into the rock the city was originally founded on, the city began to focus on mining, and then refining the metals. Arfosian was found encasing other ores, including Gem Scrolls, and Gem Scrolls were found to store magical effects until the effects were triggered, allowing for the gems to be used to store another magical effect. Arfosian was discovered to have a faint effect of binding some magical effects to metals when mixed with other ores.

Arfosian's effects turned out to be vital in the assistance with creating Warforged for the The Five Cities' cities, granting Hallomin a boost in economic power and well as a flood of struggling potential employees seeking work in the mines.


According the Census taken on the 31st day of 6th month, year 44 of the Third Age
Corporate Executive Official and Family Representative to the Council of Families- 1 Person

Head of Security and Head of Personnel Relations - 1 Person  
Head of Management - 1 Person  
Total number of Family Members - 3

Non-Family Members of the Government

Security of Hallomin City Servants of the Family
    A Suspected 15 People
Management Branch of Hallomin City City Overseer
    1 Person
Hallomin City's Personnel Relations Secretary of Records
    Position Unfilled
Servant Educators and Factory Law
  • An estimated 12 People are Servant Educators
  • The Factory Law - About 5 Officials at this level of Factory Law Enforcement (Morning, Day, Night, Mine Shift 1, Mine Shift 2)
Exportation and Production
  • Exportation - About 200 people
  • Production - About 600 people
Department of Intelligence
    Unknown number of people
Factory Code Writers and Inspectors
  • Factory Code Writers - About 10 people
  • Inspectors - About 40 people
Acquisition and Upkeep
  • Acquisition - about 1200 people (Most grow food stuffs to trade)
  • Upkeep - about 270 Fully Trained Upkeep Inspectors
Info-Speakers, the Living News
  • About 70 People
{Lyraine Needs A Place Holder or Something Here}  
Miners, Import, Mechanics and Workers
  • Miner - About 9000 people
  • Importers - An uncertain number, Importers travel from City to City.
  • Mechanic - About 900 fully trained Mechanics
  • Worker - About 1200 fully trained Workers
Educators and Listeners
  • Educators - About 35 people
  • Listeners - About 26 people remain
In Training - About 500 Apprentices not in Mining or Production.
Almost 1000 individuals under the age of 13 still being educated.
An uncertain number of people are not under any category, or undeclared as any category. This documentation does not cover people considered Hallominian who are outside the city's walls, nor mercenaries or personal armies.
"What do we do with all the people who are outside the city walls? The mercenaries? The private armies?"
"They're not in the city walls. The Census is about the city's population inside the walls."
"Do we have everyone?"
"The ones who matter."
— Apprentice Inspector and Census Taking Inspector


The Government of Hallomin City

Dyamo Hallomin

Corporate Executive Official of Hallomin City and The Hallomin Family


Drissle "Drikle" Hallomin

Family Representative to the Council of Families


Young Master (or Mistress) (preferably three of them)

Peat Hallomin as the Head of Security and Head of Personnel Relations, while the younger Winze Hallomin is Head of Management of Hallomin City.

Head of Security and Head of Personnel Relations

    Peat Hallomin of the Hallomin Family is specifically educated in matters of military and law in Hallomin City, but is also the Head of Personnel Relations, and thus took on additional education in health and diplomacy.

Head of Management

    Winze Hallomin of the Hallomin Family is specifically educated in matters of making policy, but has been struggling with administrative and budgeting challenges, considering he had expected Peat to take on these responsibilities and had originally planned to take up Security.

Non-Family Members of the Government


Security Branch of Hallomin City

Servants of the Family

    Servants are individuals responsible for the The Hallomin Family, and are the only ones who are allowed to lay eyes upon Family members without legal punishment. Servants are never seen in Hallomin City without being in the presence of a Family member.

Management Branch of Hallomin City

City Overseer

    Responsible for the operation of the City, Hallomin City Overseer has been the primary contact with the Head of Management of The Hallomin Family. The Overseer is personally responsible for maintaining the budget and ensuring there is always an income flowing into the city, though Hallomin City's Overseer has been more responsible for creating the budget and managing the people of the city.

Hallomin City's Personnel Relations

Secretary of Records

    Hallomin City Secretary of Records was recently killed, leaving the city without a Secretary of Records or someone to maintain the current records. Everything marked with the seal of the Secretary of Records, or the Head of Personnel Relations means the information is true, that it is legitimate. These include all contracts, trade agreements, announcements, and judicial mediations. There are several people of rank within the Department of Intelligence who are vying for the position.

Servant Educators


Factory Law

  • The Servant Educators instruct the Unserving on how to properly protect and serve the Families.
  • The Factory Law is the organization who investigates City crimes and adjudicating the cases.




  • Exportation is the department responsible for selling the Arfosian and other mined materials from Hallomin City to other nations of Soplas.
  • Production is the department responsible for providing goods for Importation to sell. In Hallomin, this means Production handles the preparation for the transportation of Arfosian to the other Cities and anyone willing to pay the prices the city demands.

Department of Intelligence

  • The Department of Intelligence has never been confirmed, only referred to as being the Editors of the Info-Speakers. Rumors, however, suggest that members of the Hallomin family have somehow acquired means of poisoning or making people otherwise disappear.

Factory Code Writers



  • Factory Code Writers write the law for the Info-Speakers to spread once approved by Secretary of Records or Head of Personnel Relations. Code Writers also pass along written Codes suggested by Investigators, Upkeep, and Mechanics to be potentially approved, if the Writers approve of the suggestions passed up to them.
  • Inspectors are the ones who investigate and present the evidence to the courts run by the Code Writers.




  • Acquisition provide Production what Production has said they need to complete their productions. This includes tracking down and licensing incoming Importers. Acquisitions also inspects products Importers bring in.
  • Upkeepers are those who ensure the city is functional, as well as inspecting everything to make sure they follow the structural codes and suggest possible additions to the codes to maintain the city's ability to continue operations.

Info-Speakers, the Living News

  • Those who share the information of Council of Families and make sure citizens know what is truly going on in their homes. An Info-Speaker is forbidden by law to speak or print a lie, as this is also used as a means of protecting them in the case of informing the citizens of unpopular decisions. They are considered to be living news.
  • In Hallomin, the Info-Speakers are generally not found outside of the Printing Room of Hallomin.






  • Under the supervision of Acquisition, Miners mine in the mines. Unlike the other four of the The Five Cities, Hallomin City's mines are not under threat of constant flood-tides and the subsequent threats of drowning, but mines are still under threat of cave-ins.
  • Importers bring goods in from outside the city. Importers are generally seen as the greatest source of dissent because they travel from other cities to bring their original city's influence to wherever they go. Whenever there is dissent, rumors tend to spread of Importers being members of their original city's Department of Information.
  • Mechanics repair what needs to be fixed mechanically. In Hallomin, the mechanics mostly work in the refineries.
  • Workers ensure the city is still running or expanding as it should be to provide adequate housing. In many ways, Workers have the broadest range of trades and occupations.




  • Educators teach the young how to be productive and content employees of the city. In Hallomin, however, Educators are seen as general sources of occupational displeasure, and any lessons outside of city repairs or mining are disregarded by the adults of children the Educators are charged with teaching.
  • Listeners help resolve personal issues they're approached with, as well as redirection to the truth instead of the lies from outside the city. More than Educators, Hallominians distrust Listeners, and have unofficially exiled many Listeners from their city.



The city in built into the stone hillside, and when the Sunlit Dwarves began moving to the city, they assisted in rebuilding the mine and main city underground network to withstand the pressures of mines beneath the city and above, while reinforcing the above-ground form of the hillside.
The city below can be sealed off from the outside, while an escape out to the surface is available, though it does cross the Cities-Theydim Border.

Industry & Trade

Arfosian is the primary export from Hallomin City, while other ores are exported to the other The Five Cities. However, the refinery factory prevents the city from manufacturing with the raw materials they export.


The upper levels of the city on the surface are based around either accomodating visitors, the garden-farms of the Producers who grow crops, and the refinery factory for the ores and Arfosian mined. The main city is built into and under the hillside. Most of the city districts are former mine paths where the veins have gone dry, while the chambers become living centers.
Most sewage is flooded out with the mining waste, or is removed reusing the old mine-waste routes.

Guilds and Factions

The Hallomin Family runs the city. Much as the The Southard Family runs and is the Southard City, the Hallomin Family runs and is Hallomin City. Everything seems to be under their control other than the Council of Families the The Hallomin Family answers to.


The city has struggled with Family members fighting for positions in the Family Hierarchy, leaving the family with distant relations between members who aren't immediate relations. Winze is the youngest of the Main Bloodline, and Dyamo Hallomin only has two children, choosing not to remarry after her husband died in the The Great War. The next potential heir is a third cousin twice removed.
The cause of the shortage of heirs stems from a distrust between once close siblings who ran the city generations ago before one began to suspect the other of trying to take over the city. This old legend suggests one of the siblings began murdering each other until only one was left, until the cycle repeated with the next generation.
This legend is only a legend, and retelling it is cause for Factory Law to take an interest in the person reciting the tale. No Info-Speakers would repeat it, and Info-Speakers are forbidden to lie.


Most of the city is built from stone mined out alongside the true purpose for the mines, as timber products tend to rot in the damp region. Most people live underground and their homes are carved from otherwise dried mine paths turned into districts and living areas. The doorways are usually closed by hanging a large drape across the doorway. Each section has a vent for gases to escape to the outside from with grates to try to keep vermin from entering.


Built into a hillside at the edge of a forested swamp, Hallomin City is the only city that is not threatened by tides or floods. The external part of the city is where Five Cities' Rice is grown in the cold damp surroundings.

Natural Resources

The hill the city is carved into is rich with minerals related to Arfosian, while the farmlands are productive in Five Cities' Rice growing.
Alternative Name(s)
The Under-City of Arfosian
An estimated number around 1500 people live in Hallomin City officially.
Inhabitant Demonym
Hallominian (formal), Hallos (local slang).
Location under
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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