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Enjorde Arling



Due to the proximity to Flachsteengroeve, there are and have been small mines started up with mixed results of success throughout Enjorde Arling.


Farms dot the landscape, but the region is better suited to herd animals such as Thydian Cattle, and is used as herd lands.


Has a mix of Thydian Tormian, and Adrakian ruins, as well as some abandoned towns along the Contested Lands roads. Most of the abandoned towns are more recently abandoned due to damage caused during the Great War.
That town over there? I used to live there. Was a kid when we had to leave it behind.


The region is often home to cattle herds, though some raise herds of horses. The region is also well known for their herd dog bloodlines being large enough to be noticed, swift enough to avoid harm, clever enough to trick foes, and protective enough to strike fear in their foes.
No better herd dog than one of an Enjorde line. Though I swear their dogs are half wolves, but don't ask me how they keep the wolf from eating the herd.
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